The Desmond T. Doss Special Program for Upcoming Kindergarteners Who Excelled in Preschool

DTD_Kindergarten_4Many times kindergarteners have enrolled at Desmond T. Doss Christian Academy and demonstrate early on that they are ready for advanced curriculum.  Our philosophy is that children’s individual needs should be met as much as possible.  Because of our small class sizes and our ability to be flexible, we are uniquely suited to adapting our curriculum to meet all of our students’ needs. For example, it is possible that kindergarteners can be included in first grade for math, phonics, and reading if they are ready academically and emotionally.

If you feel your child is an advanced rising kindergartener, please contact our school for further information on how we can help challenge your child and yet still offer the foundational kindergarten program that is so important for your little one.

DTD_TutoringIf you would like to speak to a parent of a child who has received advanced kindergarten academics at DTD in the past, we can provide the names and contact information to you if you feel their viewpoint might be helpful in your decision-making process.

Please feel free to contact us via the online form or call 434-237-1899.

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