DTD students participate in the “Bee Strong” Assembly hosted by Amazement Square

“Ewww! Gross!” the students moaned in disgust at the visual demonstration of the first phase of the digestive process:  chewing.


On Friday, May 10th, Emily from Amazement Square came from their Education Department to teach our kids about healthy living in the interactive “Bee Strong” assembly.  Two student volunteers shoved a bag of mashed crackers and vinegar in their friends faces to show what happens to the food they eat.





Many students were given colored T-shirts with food groups on them: fruit, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy.  They combined to form “My Plate”–a model of what a perfectly balanced meal should look like.


Emily then passed around a soda bottle filled with several tablespoons of sugar contained in a regular soda.  They were surprised by the amount and vowed to drink more water instead.


The students learned how easily germs can spread from one person to the next and the importance of hand-washing.  Several students were given an object to pass around, then their hands were viewed under a special light where the germs were visible.



Of course, good health incorporates lots of fun exercise!  The group practiced yoga poses for relaxation and stretching, as well as cardiovascular exercise to get their blood pumping.  Students returned to class re-energized for the day!


Thanks to Merri Long who submitted this article and the photos to us!