Desmond T. Doss Christian Academy 1st and 2nd graders and their families visit Monticello

monticello pixHis home is one of the great treasures we have here in Virginia.  It would probably please Thomas Jefferson to see the thousands of children and adults who now tour and enjoy the home he designed and loved so much…Monticello.

At school our 1st and 2nd grade began their journey learning more about our third president after viewing Monticello on the back of U.S nickels.  Then they read about him and saw pictures of things they were going to see in his home during their trip.

On May 14 our class traveled to Charlottesville to see the house and grounds for themselves.  We began the day in a wonderful place called the Discovery Room blockswhere school children are encouraged to be “hands-on” with items that are similar to things that can’t be touched in the actual house.  cooking in a mock slave kitchenThe kids practiced “writing” using a copy machine similar to the one Jefferson used at his desk.  They were also encouraged to lie in a beddylan on TJs bed! that looked like Jefferson’s, cook in a mock slave kitchen, design their own buildings with blocks, and so much more!


After viewing a short movie and checking out the gift shop we enjoyed our lunches
outside.  The weather was perfect!  We took a group picture next to the life size bronze statue of Jefferson.

TJs garden

Then it was time to take the shuttle up the “little mountain” —which is what Monticello means in Italian.  The grounds were beautiful and the actual house tour was better than we hoped it would be!

kids in tree 2

Everyone left with a wonderful appreciation of our country’s history and the awesome beauty of our state!  Jefferson would have been very pleased!next to TJs statueanother lunchfishpool at monticellolunchlogan, grasyon, anita