Desmond T. Doss Kindergarten, 2nd, 7th, & 8th Grades Went On Safari @ VA Safari Park!

safari Nat and AspenOn October 10, 2012 Kindergarten, 2nd, 7th, and 8th graders at Desmond T. Doss Christian Academy went on Safari!  The VA Safari Park is a treasure!  There was a cool breeze, but we dressed warm and enjoyed sunshine and blue skies!  The best part about the Safari Park is really getting up close and personal to creatures we generally only see on television and books!

We tried to watch out because we heard the camels are thieves that love to steal buckets of feed!  Of course they got a few, but the teachers shared their buckets with the kids who lost theirs and the world was right again!

Falwells and camelsAll the animals were really amazing!  Hard to say which was our favorite: the large animals on the wagon ride, the kangaroo, giraffe, monkeys, the flamingo, the baby goats all were wonderful to view.  Probably the highlight was buying treat sticks and going into the budgie enclosure. The birds flew right to our hands to eat the sweet bird treats!  It was a taste of what it will be like in heaven where animals won’t fear us and we will fully be able to enjoy all God cretwo goats & Arielated for us!Dylan and yellow budgie

westley and budgie

Aspen and 2 budgies