Celebrating Our Pastor Alonso

What a great worship service from Pastor G on what each one of us are thankful for. Everyone wrote their prayer for what they are thankful for and then released their biodegradable prayer Afterwards we had a “Thank you” celebration for Pastor G. He has been such a blessing...

Hands on Science

In 7th & 8th Science class today we dissected a squid. Highly recommend this dissection if you have never done it. Everything opens up where the students can identify/see everything. Our future surgeon is the one standing. Please follow and like us:

Desmond Doss Celebration

Today the students at DTD and the Lynchburg Chapter Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 12179 celebrated the 100th Birthday of Desmond Doss. Everyone watched the episode of “It is Your Life” from February 1959 that highlighted Desmond and his life. It was a great opportunity and blessing to hear...