Lynchburg Area Veterans Council

Thomas W. Current COL (R) US Army Reserve President, Lynchburg Area Veterans Council (LAVC) Lynchburg Area Veterans Council (LAVC) announces the 77th Anniversary of the heroic actions of Lynchburg native and Medal of Honor Recipient Desmond T. Doss on Okinawa in World War II on May 4 -5, 1945....

Freedom Shrine

It was an honor to have the Exchange Club of Lynchburg come out to Desmond T. Doss Christian Academy and dedicate the Freedom Shrine they donated to the school. The Freedom Shrine is made up of American Historical documents that give us the rights & freedoms we all enjoy...

Equipped Seminar

I want to invite all of you to this upcoming event at DTD. In the world we live in we must continue to be proactive in providing skills/support for our children as they navigate the world today. Please feel free to message me any questions you might have.

Social Studies Fair

DTD had another great Social Studies Fair last evening. We studied the Amazon Rainforest, Africa, America, Central/Middle America, Japan, and the Ukraine. Always a great time to celebrate the things our children are doing and learning! ,  

Christmas Play

Our annual Christmas play was a HUGE success as always; what a blessing to see the message of Jesus presented to our families from our students. I have said it many times over the years our students always amaze me! Thanks Mrs. Hollie, Ms. Krista, and everyone else who...