Welcome Back to School, and Welcome Mrs. Hollie Roark & Michelline Hall!

AppleTomorrow is the first day of school!  It’s amazing how fast the summer flew by.

We are excited this year to announce that we have more than 20 new students joining our Desmond Doss School Family!!!  Currently, there are over 70 students that will be coming through our doors tomorrow for school, and we staff members at DTD couldn’t be happier!  God is blessing beyond measure!  We know our returning students and their families will be happy to make new friends and to assist all of our new students and their family members in any way possible in the coming weeks.

Sadly, we will be missing our dear Mrs. Carrie Thompson, who accepted a position as a third grade teacher at Appomattox Elementary School in July.  This job offer came quite suddenly. It was a difficult decision for her to leave us.  But ultimately she had to make, what was for her, the best decision for her family.  One of the many things that made it hard was that she didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to everyone the way that she wanted to.  Fortunately, we will still see her, as she is still a parent of one of our students here at DTD, so she really hasn’t completely left us.

We are happy to announce that Mrs. Hollie Roark is back with Desmond Doss Christian Academy. She will be serving as our Kindergarten teacher!  Ms. Hollie used to be an assistant at our school, but she went on to finish her teacher licensure requirements and her BA.  Since then, she has been a teacher at our sister facility, The Bashful Giraffe Early Learning Center.  Hollie is an exceptionally creative, organized, and enthusiastic teacher.  She will bring so much to our school, and we are delighted to have her on our team!


Another wonderful return is that of our dear Michelline Hall, who many of you will recall was our school administrative assistant two years ago.  After a long illness, we are so happy that Ms. Mish is healthy, back with us, and will be picking up her duties in our school office once again. Speaking of school office…we are finalizing our move into the office modular this week, and within a few days we will have a functional office right next door to the school building.  Lots of work has been taking place to make all this happen. If it stops raining, then sidewalks will be poured tomorrow, too!