Outdoor Education at Camp Blue Ridge

About 130 students from five different schools attended this year’s Outdoor Education at Camp Blue Ridge for the four-day adventure, including Desmond T. Doss Christian Academy’s 3rd to 10th grade students. It was an amazing opportunity for everyone there to learn about God’s creation in a hands-on setting!

The “Think Tank”

Students in grades 3rd – 8th participate in the “Think Tank” club. There are currently 20 students staying after school for 2 hours to take part in the club that is designed to help make them better critical thinkers. Everyone is having a great time learning, even after school...

Outdoor Education at Camp Blue Ridge

Desmond T. Doss Christian Academy spent the week at Camp Blue Ridge in Montebello doing its annual Outdoor Education program with Richmond and Tidewater Academies.  Activities included hiking on the Appalachian Trail, dissections, determining the value of timber in a defined area, and many more. Students also participated in...