Meet the Desmond T. Doss 1st and 2nd Grade class pets…


We’d like you to meet Radar, our Lionhead Rabbit, and Tootie, our very dear little cockatiel, who thinks Ms. Jeannie is her mother.

Radar is a very tame rabbit who loves to be petted. He has a new cage which he seems to like a lot. It has three levels allowing him to jump and hop and get more exercise than he used to get.

It’s not unusual for Tootie to flutter down to the floor a few times a week to “go find” Ms. Jeannie for a little attention. For her own safety her primary feathers on her wings are kept short so she can’t fly around and get hurt in our classroom. Tootie will be 14 years old this summer. She has been a 1st and 2nd grade school pet since she was a baby bird.


When she first came to live at school she was so young Ms. Jeannie had to feed her baby bird food with a syringe. On the first day of school it is a class tradition to have student’s pictures taken with Tootie. She doesn’t particularly like all the fuss, but is always very gentle. We are very attached to our class pets and have learned much about taking good care of and treating all animals with kindness.

DTD_BoyWithBirdOnHead DTD_GirlWithBirdOnHead