Desmond T. Doss Christian Academy 1st and 2nd Grade Science Observation

Last fall one of our third graders, named Austin, found a moth cocoon inside a plastic cup (one the kids often play with in the sand table on our playground.) This was a lucky find! Moth cocoons are fairly hard to locate. The third graders generously allowed our class to adopt the cocoon to observe it. We watched and waited…and waited…and waited!  Five months later, finally this past Friday… Jon was first to notice… that our cocoon had a hole in it where a large male silk moth had emerged. (The males have large fluffy antenna that help them find female moths!)

Pictured here is our empty cocoon, silk moth, and a picture of the kind of caterpillar that morphed into our beautiful mothcolorful-Polyphemus-mothPolyphemus_caterpillar_bigsilk moth (photo borrowed from: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic.)

We were happy to let our new friend go before he died in the cage we had kept the cup in all winter. He happily warmed himself in the sunshine and flew away to find something to eat, and hopefully a mate! Only a loving Master Designer could have created such a miraculous, fascinating process. Our world is full of evidence that there is a God of love taking care of all life on Earth!