1st & 2nd Grade Tea Party at the Ploughcroft Tea Room

TeaParty1cTeaParty2The 1st and 2nd grade classes have been studying about the country of England in Social Studies.  In order to learn more about the country, Ms. Jeannie wanted the students to experience a truly British tea experience. So on Monday, March 13, she took her class to The Ploughcroft Tea Room in Downtown Lynchburg to try tea, as well as scones.

The children had a wonderful time, as did the many family members who also attended. Some of the children actually liked the tea and asked for seconds. They also enjoyed adding the cubes of sugar, which most of them had never seen before.

One of the parents said, “We would like to thank Ms. Jeannie and Desmond T. Doss Christian Academy for the hands-on experiences like this that you use throughout the year to promote learning for the children. It makes learning truly fun and memorable.”